About Us

Kraftlane.com has been started with an aim to provide the craftsmen’s from the rural as well as urban Handicraft Industry an online marketplace to sell their handmade and hard worked products to general public directly with very good profit margin. In other word any people or company who are involved in creating handmade made items can sell on Kraftlane.com. This can also give the new siblings of Craftman’s who had left home and went in search of new work due to no future and very low profit margin in current parental work, may rejoin there business and do it staying in home with their near and dear once.. 


Now a day’s people had started liking herbal and eco friendly product so this is the most booming market. Handcraft industry has mould it’s to all type of categories like apparels, bags, etc. 


Officials from Kraftlane goes to visit rural India and procure original, authentic and good quality handmade items which are quite unique in nature. In this machinery world the original flavors of handmade items are slowly vanishing. Kraftlane.com is playing a significant role creating a Swadeshi brand which will serve the global platform.


This will be a first market place which sells its product throughout the world and not only its targeting domestic market. This gives the brand a better reach.


kraftlane.com is being design, concept, developed and managed by Kraftlane Marketing OPC Pvt. Ltd., a company duly incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 of India and having its office at 841, Kesabh Complex, Cuttack-Puri Road, near Rasulgarh Square  Bhubaneswar - 751010. For more information on Kraftlane you can contact us at info@kraftlane.com.


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