Jagannath Deities Idol Set

Jagannath Deities Idol Set

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Lord Jagannath the father of Mankind is know to be living God. We offer the Jagannath Idol set with Authenic Neem wood and and done the same people who are descendants of the maker of idols i.e Lord Jagannath with Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudershan in the main Puri Dham temples. So the work is more than perfect and the finishing of the product is Excellent. 

Jagannath Set comes with a sole Statue of "Jagannath", "Balabhadra", "Subhadra", "Sudarshan".

Base model is of 6' inch. For higher models please select the size.

Note: The rate various a lot due to change in the size that is because the idols are made of pure neam wood and with the height the raduis also increase which doubles the weight with slight size changes. Hence due to this courier charges also increases immensely. 


All products are authentic handmade, so it might differ slightly on color and look. 

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