Kraftlane bhadrakali Patachitra painting

Kraftlane bhadrakali Patachitra painting

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Patachitra is the oldest form of art work which is art done on cloth. These painting are done near a small village of Puri. These paintings follow the Vaisnav cult and Krishna. The modern painters have also tried to come out with modern work with fusion of Patachitra as base.

The Patachitra when painted on cloth follows a traditional process of preparation of the canvas. First the base is prepared by coating the cloth with the soft, white, stone powder of chalk and a glue made from tamarind seeds. This gives the cloth tensile strength and a smooth, semi-absorbent surface, allowing it to accept the paint. The artist does not use a pencil or charcoal for the preliminary drawings. It is a tradition to complete the borders of the painting first. The painter then starts making a rough sketch directly with the brush using light red and yellow. The main flat colours are applied next";" the colours used are normally white, red, yellow, and black. The painter then finishes the painting with fine stokes of black brush lines, giving the effect of pen work. When the painting is completed it is held over a charcoal fire and lacquer is applied to the surface. This makes the painting water resistant and durable, besides giving it a shining finish.

This particular painting signifies Maa Bhadrakali

Material used: Cloth

Colour Used: Fabric

Painting is without frame. 

Art Form Patachitra


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